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The team behind Redline

Combining years of music industry and intellectual property legal knowledge with data science to create a service for the modern music industry

What people
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"More often than not artists want to focus on their music rather than management, contracts etc. Unfortunately, that often leads to bad deals and having no idea what you're giving away. I'm so glad for a service like Redline as it makes it much faster and easier to deal with."

Susanna A.


"AI is the way to the future as it makes contract review much faster and accessible. As a record label we always recommend our artists to be fully aware of what they're signing. If both parties understand the commitment they are getting into the longer the relationship will last."

Mihkel S.

Smuuv Records

The promise of Redline for legal professionals is to streamline routine document reviews, save time, and thereby allow spending valuable resources on the most complex interests of the Client.

Christian P.

Legal Lead

The best guarantee against a dispute is a deal negotiated on clear and fair grounds. Redline provides music industry professionals with abilities mostly reserved to legal professionals.

José M.


Redline has the potential to disrupt the way contracts are negotiated. Information and negotiation parity will lead to better deals and more fruitful relationships between artists and music industry professionals.

Olivia B.


In a world
where creativity has been commoditised,

A careful approach to contracts is key to getting the most of your deals

Maintain control of your rights while...

Decreasing costs

As legal fees can be quite high, Redline helps reduce those costs to leave you with more funds for developing your career

Saving time

Finding a lawyer, reviewing the contract and compiling the feedback can take weeks, Redline does it in 30 minutes or less

Keeping up to date

Negotiate a better deal by being aware of unfavourable terms, missing content and latest industry standards

Contract reviews Easy. Simple. Fast


Simply sign up
and upload your contract


Let the AI
go over the document

Review feedback

Go through the feedback
and comments

Need help?

In case of any questions, you'll be connected with a lawyer


Redline is an AI-based contract review platform that aims to make artists career development easier by seeking out unfavourable terms from music industry contracts.

Redline was made with artists interest in mind. Regardless of genre, region or the record company you are dealing with, Redline aims to make sure you don’t sign away anything that you shouldn’t and ensures you get a deal that is at least as good as industry standard.

Although artists are our main concern, Redline is also useful for managers to take care of their clients legal matters and for music lawyers by saving time as repetitive terms are reviewed automatically.

After you sign up, simply upload your contract, wait for the AI to do its job (up to 15 minutes) and review all the unfavourable terms that the AI has highlighted for you in the text and make use of the suggestions it has for turning those terms into something more favourable to you.

As the contents of agreements are generally confidential between the contract parties and their legal advisers, we respect this confidentiality by not sharing any of the data or contracts that you upload to our platform with any external parties. The only time we will be using any data from your contracts is when we train our AI to make it smarter and serve you better in the future!

As lawyers’ hourly rates are quite high and contract reviews needing multiple hours, legal costs can be overwhelming for most of us. By automating this process with AI, Redline is able to offer a quality contract review and notify you of industry standards at a much lower cost.

As reviewing and annotating a contract can take a person multiple hours, we aim to reduce this time by letting the computer do the reading and the thinking for us as they are much faster at doing that than humans.

We are currently supporting master license agreement or agreements that regulate the relationship between an artist and a record company.

As our know-how and user interest grows, we will be adding support for further contracts in the future, such as management agreements, publishing contracts etc.

In case you really need help with a contract that is not currently supported, please do let us know so we will know to prioritise the support for that!

Redline currently supports contracts that are written in English.

In case you need help with contracts in any other language, please do let us know and we will take this into account as we offer more language support in the future!

As the music industry reaches across the global, there are many overlaps in contract content and structure across the world. Due to international conventions and cross-border standardisation in music agreements, we can confidently review your contract regardless of your country or the noted jurisdiction in your contract.

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